Apply to become an InSITE Fellow

What kind of commitment is expected from Fellows?

InSITE Fellows are expected to be part of the program for at least four semesters. For J-term and second-semester business school fellows, this means you are expected to play an active role in the organization for the remainder of your business school career. For law students, it means you are expected to stay until at least the beginning of your 3L year (or longer if you are a second semester 2L). In exceptional cases, a student may be invited by a Current Fellow after approval by the Executive Committee to apply despite only having three semesters remaining.

The InSITE commitment encompasses not only your contribution to your team and attendance at all events (approximately 4 hours/week including work in between Team Meetings), but a commitment to take on a leadership role in your second year with the organization, either as a Team Leader or an Executive Officer.

How We Select Fellows

Passion and Dedication

We look for applicants who have the energy and willingness to commit to an intense and demanding group such as InSITE, on top of their school commitments. We expect our Fellows to become Team Leaders, Officers, or take their own initiative to improve and contribute to the organization in unique ways.

Interpersonal Skills

We care deeply about finding candidates who have integrity, initiative, leadership, reliability, courtesy, composure, concise and effective communication skills, and analytical ability. Yes, we want it all.

Industry Experience

We learn from each other, so we seek candidates who have experience in private equity, venture capital, starting a company, technology, engineering, operations, law (especially intellectual property law), design, or experience in other arenas that developed skills transferable to InSITE.

While we do not seek to fill specific quotas for any of the programs, we recognize that one of the strengths of InSITE is our diversity across different schools/disciplines and our balance of graduating and first-year/earlier year students, which brings stability and continuity. However, first and foremost, we seek applicants who embody the spirit of InSITE.


Criteria for Rating InSITE Applications

Demonstrated desire to commit and contribute to InSITE for the duration of graduate school (at least two academic years):

We want individuals who have a clear understanding of InSITE and are excited to become a part of the organization and ideally take on a leadership role in his/her second year. We also want people who have clearly demonstrated strong business acumen and ethical character. Lastly, we want people who play well with others. Above all, we consider whether or not we would like to work on a small team with a person – and whether that person will add value to the community beyond his/her experience

Skills we look for:

Initiative & Drive
Strong Communicator

Relevant prior experience, including:

Prior entrepreneurship or VC experience
Consulting, law, technology, science/medicine, or “other” areas of expertise that may be relevant (medical and technology backgrounds are attractive)
Software development or engineering background that may be helpful in assessing technologies or industries

Individuals who do not necessarily have relevant experience but have demonstrated an ability to think like a VC/Entrepreneur are encouraged to apply!

Chapter-Specific Application Details

New York

Key dates:

  • Written Applications Due:Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 12 pm noon EST
  • Interviews (as applicable): Friday, February 10th, 2017
  • Notification by: Monday, February 13th, 2017



The InSITE New York application process consists of a written application and, if invited, an interview. It is designed to assess applicants on three criteria – analytical skills, interpersonal skills and fit with the InSITE community. The written application includes your (1) resume, (2) personal statement, and (3) transaction analysis, detailed as follows:

The below startups received Series A funding last year. Please pick one out of the four companies for your Startup Venture Transaction Analysis. In your assessment, please answer whether you think the venture firm was right or not in investing in this company and identify several criteria to justify your decision. You can pick what investing criteria is most relevant to you based on your prior professional experience and personal perspective (i.e. if you are not a business student, include design, law, or scientific principles in your framework). There are no right answers to this question – we at InSITE just want to get to know you and how you think!






Please submit your written application here.


CBS J-Term Info Session: Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 from 12:30 – 1:00 PM – Warren 207


Questions  (


Info Sessions:

  • MIT Sloan: 9/21/16
  • Harvard Business School: 9/20/16
  • Harvard Law School & Harvard Kennedy School: 9/21/16

Apply by 9/25 at 11:59pm

Interviews: 9/26-9/28

Decisions: 9/30

New Fellows Training: 10/3

InSITE Company Pitch Night: 10/4

Questions: Matt Fischer

Bay Area

InSITE Stanford applications, here.
Questions: Amanda Young, David Mackanic & Kevin Shin (

InSITE Berkeley Applications Due: Monday, August 29th, 2016
InSITE Berkeley applications are now closed.

Questions: Kelsea Carlson & Songwoo Kang (


Info Sessions:

  • Wharton:9/7/16
  • Penn Med/PhD:9/8/16
  • Penn Law School:9/12/16

Apply by 9/16 at noon.

Industry Analysis (as applicable): due 9/22

Interviews: 9/23-9/28

Decisions: 9/30

New Fellows Training: 10/4

InSITE Company Pitch Night: 10/5

Questions?  VP Recruiting, (

St. Louis

InSITE Fellows St. Louis: Application
Written Applications Due: Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 11:59 pm CT
Interviews (as applicable): TBD
Notification by: Friday,  September 22nd, 2017


Washington, DC

Applications Due: Friday, September 9th, 2016

Apply Online: InsITE Fellows DC Application Form


Application Requirements:

Short Questionnaire
Personal Statement
Startup Venture Transaction Analysis

Still have questions? Email and we’ll make sure to get you a quick answer.