Mar 05

Fred Wilson’s Annual Talk with InSITE

Fred Wilson, Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures, returned to InSITE for his now-annual third talk with InSITE on Wednesday, March 3rd at NYU Law.

In a wide ranging discussion, Fred first delivered his annual update on the state of the VC industry, describing the growth of small funds and the new secondary market for shares in growing firms prior to formal exits from M&A or an IPO:

Fred next turned to an update specifically on internet businesses, particularly e-commerce and mobile models:

Finally, Fred gave us an update on the remarkable growth of Twitter and its development into a more mature company:

After his update, questions from InSITE Fellows spurred a lively discussion on a wide range of topics including:

The importance of proactively managing your social network presence for both your personal and professional life
Building a great team for a successful startup
The return of Rob Kalin to Etsy and its development as a major e-commerce platform, as well as how to maintain the creativity center for a startup post-acquisition by another company
How New York can better develop its internet and entrepreneurial sector
How a VC can help develop a great entrepreneur into a great manager

You can see watch the entire talk at our YouTube channel.

After the talk, Fred joined our Fellows for drinks at Amity Hall:

3/10/2010 UPDATE: Fred re-blogged portions of the talk on A VC on 3/5.

— Rich Powell, President 2009-2010

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