Oct 04

InSITE Accepts 18 Fellows to Fall 2009 Class

This semester, we received a record number of applications from the most talented group of people ever to be together in graduate school. InSITE is excited to annouced 18 terrific new Fellows – they are:

Jon Cooper, NYU MBA

Michael DiBenedetto, Columbia MBA

Seth Goldman, NYU MBA

Sharon Goswami, NYU JD

Daniel Harman, Columbia MBA

Omar Haroun, Columbia JD

Colleen Honigsberg, Columbia JD

Nick Hurley, NYU MBA

Camila Jimenez Villa, NYU MBA/MFA

Christopher Johnson, Columbia MBA

Mike Katz, Columbia MBA

Stephanie Palmeri, Columbia MBA

Greg Pennington, Columbia MBA

Brian Rothenberg, NYU MBA

Alex Shellhammer, NYU MBA

Maria Testani, Columbia MBA

Marisa Tricarico, NYU MBA

Shirley Xu, Columbia MBA

Bios for our new Fellows are available here.

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