Apr 13

InSITE Alum Update: Joelle Rauh at Yahoo! Corp Dev

Columbia Business School alum Joelle Rauh was an InSITE Fellow from 2007 to 2009, during which time she consulted for two InSITE Internet start-ups and acted as the VP of Communications. Since graduating Joelle has moved into corporate development with posts at Comcast Interactive Media and most recently at Yahoo!. As a corporate development professional at Yahoo!, Joelle is charged with assessing internal strategy, identifying target acquisitions, and driving M&A efforts. Joelle’s category focus is on social media, multi-modal content, and women’s media.

Joelle continues to highlight InSITE as the most beneficial extracurricular activity she undertook during business school. Joelle has leveraged the hands on work experience with startups provided by InSITE to the benefit of her corporate development roles. She is especially grateful for the robust InSITE community of entrepreneurs and VCs that she is able to call on to help source deals and connect with industry thought leaders.

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