May 31

InSITE Fellow Marshall Cox – Finalist in National Cleantech Business Plan Competition

InSITE Fellow Marshall Cox and his company Radiator Labs are now in the finals of the 1st Annual National Cleantech Business Plan Competition.  Of the six teams, Marshall’s team in currently 2nd place with 8343 likes.

Please help Radiator Labs by following this link ( and simply clicking the ‘like’ button below the video of Marshall.

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Radiator Labs, a Columbia University startup, recently won the MIT
Clean Energy Prize and, as a result of winning this regional contest,
have been selected to represent the Northeast United States in the
first annual National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.

Radiator Labs has developed a low-cost, easily installed radiator
retrofit that converts radiator heating systems, which are poorly
controlled and have low efficiency, into a controlled zoned system
where each radiator forms a single zone with temperature feedback
control. The result of their innovation is to significantly increase
the efficiency of radiator heating while improving occupant comfort.

One aspect of the national competition is a public voting element,
where a video describing the technology for each team is voted on by
visitors to the website.  The team with the most “likes”
attributed to their video wins a prize and those votes count towards
the Grand Prize decision for the competition.  

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