InSITE for Investors

InSITE for Investors

InSITE has a long history of partnering with firms nationwide that invest in innovation, including venture capital firms, seed investors, angel communities, corporate venture capital groups, and others.

Find Talent & Get Work Done

Investors host projects that use Fellows to extend their reach into the market, deepen their analysis of technology and industry trends, and augment their capacity to build valuable networks. Projects give Fellows the opportunity to learn from and work with investors by performing tasks with well-defined objectives that allow students to dive fully into the issues while delivering a high-quality result.

For example, investors use InSITE Fellows to:

  • Analyze markets;
  • Screen deals;
  • Perform Due Diligence and more.

A project runs the length of one semester (fall or spring).  Depending on your needs and student interest, 1-3 Fellows typically work on a project. At the beginning of each project, the Fellows team would work closely with you to define the scope of the engagement, identify deliverables, and to agree upon the estimated timeline for key milestones.

Each project is different, but investors typically meet in person with the team 2-4 times per semester to discuss progress and to make any necessary changes to the timeline.

InSITE Fellows contribute to investment firms in myriad ways. For more detail on the types of projects that Fellows complete for investors, please visit our project examples page.

Promote Your Brand by Sponsoring InSITE’s Programming

InSITE has long-standing relationships with dozens of startups, venture investors, service providers, and other participants in tech ecosystems around the U.S. We’ve developed one of the strongest entrepreneur and venture capital networks in the U.S.

Investors know this, and they partner with InSITE by supporting invitation-only programming for Fellows and alumni. By sponsoring our programming, investors receive:

  • Access and exposure to InSITE Fellows, alumni, and partners in startups, tech, VC, health, consulting, and financial services.
  • Prominent marketing in InSITE materials, website, social media, and other assets.
  • Invitations to social events with founders, VC’s, alumni, and corporate partners.
  • Opportunities to partner on additional events like SXSW Trek, Career Treks, and InSITE Connect.

Why Work With Us

Our Talent

InSITE Fellows are recruited from the most selective graduate programs offered at the nation’s best universities. They come to your organization with highly relevant industry experience, often with prior experience working with top early-stage investors and with an impressive startup pedigree.

The investment community readily welcomes InSITE Fellows, many of whom join firms after graduation or after obtaining operating experience at startups and large companies.

Our Training

InSITE’s core programming consists of projects where Fellows learn and gain experience by advising early-stage startups and working closely with leading VC’s, angels, entrepreneurs, and technologists.

In addition, we rely on our long-standing relationships with the startup and venture capital community to host educational modules covering various topics in venture finance and entrepreneurship. Recent modules we have offered Fellows include:

  • Mock Term Sheet Negotiation
  • VC and Founder Breakfast Series
  • How to Pitch Your Business
  • Product Management Crash Course

Our Network

For almost two decades, InSITE has been building one of the strongest national networks for technology entrepreneurs and investors, which is now over 1000 people strong.

Fellows have joined numerous venture and private equity, consulting firms, technology, media and healthcare companies, law firms, and well-known startups, as well companies they have founded themselves.

Our network includes alumni who have joined the following firms as investors: 

  • 500 Startups | Clayton Bryan
  • Alibaba | Mike Katz
  • Andreessen Horowitz | Jeffrey Low
  • Bessemer Venture Partners | Alex Ferrara
  • GE Ventures | Iana Dimkova
  • Greycroft Partners | Lucy Wang
  • SoftTech VC | Stephanie Palmieri

In more than 18 years, our Fellows have worked with early-stage and growth-stage companies that have raised more than $500 million in venture funding.

As an investor, you can engage with InSITE and our Fellows by hosting a project or sponsoring our programs.

Support InSITE Fellows

InSITE is the only student leadership development and venture capital training program that offers university students a unified learning experience in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Investors partner with us because they see the value of advancing the constant need for excellent talent to lead the venture and innovation markets of the future.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit, all contributions to InSITE Fellows are tax deductible.

To learn more about InSITE Fellows and our work with students, emerging companies, and universities, please visit our homepage.