Apr 17

New InSITE officers elected

Tonight the InSITE fellows and board members gathered at P.J. Clark for our traditional end-of-year annual dinner and elections.

One of the sentences that we heard over and over again in the candidates’ speeches was ‘InSITE has been the best thing that’s happened to me in business school…’.

Many of us feel this way and  are very excited to make this organization even stronger in the months to come. Everyone will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles next year, even those who didn’t win a formal position. Fellows can start a new initiative, organize an event, write a white paper or a blog post, schedule informal meetings with investors, etc.

And this is what makes InSITE a great place. It’s up to us to shape it, nurture it and use it as a platform to pursue our passions and interests as future entrepreneurs, VC’s or whatever it is we may end up doing.

During the course of the evening, InSITE awarded this year’s Alumni Achievement Award to Board Member Alex Ferrara (CBS, InSITE ’04), a partner at Millennium Technology Ventures, and a Director at Shopify, Director at OMGPOP and Director at SelectMinds.

Here the list of the new Officers:

President: Adam Kalamchi

VP of Sourcing: Brian Ballan

VP of Partnerships: Marianna Zaslavsky

VP of Operations: Owen Kirchner

VP of Events: Austin Clements

VP of Recruiting for Columbi: Zack Lane

VP of Recruiting for NYU Stern: Kevin St. John

VP of Alumni: Ed Rayner

VP of Special Operations: Zachary Schwarzman

VP of Communications: Lila Pla Alemany

AVP of Science: Megan Meguill

We also elected two fellows to be our Young Alumni for the Board: Abe Geiger and Vicoria Cheung.

InSITE is very grateful to all the fellows who will be graduating this year, and to those who held leadership positions. A big thank you to Abe Geiger (President), Brian Malkerson (VP of Sourcing), Joe Rizk (VP of Special Operations), Ted Rosenwasser (VP of Partnerships), Vitoria Cheng (VP of Operations), Matt Puzio (VP of Events), Ellen Hukkelhoven (VP of Science Projects),Nistha Tripathi (VP of Communications), Alessandro Presti (VP of Alumni), Steve Mayne (VP of NYU Recruiting), Rebecca Allen (VP of Columbia Recruiting) and, of course, Paul Tumpowsky and InSITE’s board.

Long life to InSITE.

Post written by Lila Pla Alemany (CBS 2013)

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