Annual Partnership

InSITE’s Annual Partners support local programming in each InSITE city and gain access throughout the year to our network of exceptional students, alumni, and emerging startups across the country.

InSITE Contribution:

  • Special Project(s) -­ InSITE Fellows work with Annual Partners to source 1 project during the year. 1-2 fellows can be staffed on a given project.
  • Recruiting access from the InSITE Fellows network of 300+ graduate student Fellows and 700+ Alumni in startup, tech, and VC, including unlimited job postings on InSITE’s job board and access to InSITE’s student resume book.
  • Invitations for Annual Partner representatives attend and speak at InSITE Fellows Programming during the year.

Annual Partner Contribution:

  • Host a breakfast series meeting with a select group of 6-10 InSITE Fellows.
  • Charitable Support: a tax-deductible donation to support InSITE Fellows.

Annual Partner Benefits:

  • Annual Partners gain access and exposure among InSITE Fellows, alumni and partners in startup, tech, VC, health, consulting, and financial services.
  • Prominent marketing in InSITE materials, web site, social media, and bulletins as a sponsor.
  • Exposure for Annual Partners across InSITE’s national community of Fellows, alumni, VC’s, and startups in New York, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and the Bay Area.
  • Invitations to social events with founders, VC’s, alumni, and corporate partners.
  • Opportunities to partner on additional events like SXSW, Career Treks, and InSITE Connect.

InSITE Benefits:

  • InSITE Fellows and Founders have the opportunity to learn from Annual Partners experience in venture capital, startup financing, and innovation.
  • Invitations to select Partner programming and events.


Paul Tumpowsky

InSITE is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation, EIN 05-0539236 and charitable contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.