Partnership Program

Partner Program

InSITE connects leading venture investors, technology companies, and law firms with passionate, driven graduate students at Columbia, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Stanford, Georgetown, Berkeley, U Penn, Washington University, and other top universities. Through our unique programming, strong network of alumni and partners, and competitive screening process, we create a community of top students in business, law, engineering, computer science, design, and medicine. Our 2-year Fellowship program brings students together outside the classroom and pushes them to work hard in interdisciplinary teams on projects that are rarely available on campus. We give our partners the tools to leverage this extraordinary resource, and ask that they make an annual charitable contribution to the Fellowship—our funding comes from visionary firms that see the value in developing tomorrow’s leaders and meeting the constant need for top talent in the venture and innovation markets.


Leadership Partner


National Partner


Annual Partner


Leadership Partners provide the foundation for InSITE’s national network of fellows, and receive all of the benefits of our Partner Program including: special projects and/or internships recruited in multiple geographies, invitations to join Fellows at national events like SXSW, CES, and Collision, and discounted recognition as a Presenting Sponsor at annual fundraising events.

National Partners support InSITE’s national programming and receive all of the benefits of our Partner Program including: Special projects and/or internships recruited in multiple geographies, invitations to join Fellows at national events like SXSW, CES, and Collision, and partner discount at annual fundraising events.

Annual Partners support local programming in each InSITE City and gain access throughout the year to our network of exceptional students, alumni, and seed stage startups within local community including: working with one intern or special project each semester and partner discount at annual fundraising events.


  • Special Projects — our Fellows are available to work on tailored projects for our partners, from market analysis and due diligence to lead generation and portfolio company support. A team of 1-4 Fellows will work with you for 8-10 weeks on a clear set of deliverables.
  • Dedicated Intern/Project Coordinator — one of our Fellows will work with you to find the best candidates for internships, special projects, or portfolio company support.
  • Resume Book — a complete listing of current Fellows across the country.
  • Speaking Opportunities — we invite our partners to speak and serve as panelists at our Connect conferences, pitch nights, and industry events.
  • Breakfasts — throughout the year, partners are invited to intimate breakfast meetings with small groups of Fellows who have demonstrated outstanding interest and ability.
  • Recognition — partners are recognized on our website and event invitations, and often help create special events and additional programming.
  • Network — access to our growing network of nearly 300 graduate student fellows and 700 alumni nationwide in startup, VC, tech, financial services, law, and related industries.
  • Deal Flow — Since 1999, our Fellows have worked with companies that have raised more than $1.5 billion in venture funding with exits in excess of $750 million. every year InSITE’s consulting program receives hundreds of applications from promising seed-stage companies. Our Sourcing team meets with dozens of entrepreneurs to pick out the best.


InSITE is incorporated in the State of New York as a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Corporation.

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