Nov 21

Company Update: Holstee

It has been a wild ride for everyone at Holstee since graduating from inSITE! When working with our great group of Fellows the Holstee team comprised four people, today we have grown to eight. Originally we were intending to raise capital just after inSITE; however, we were fortunate enough to focus on our own growth through sales. Exceeding all of our expectations, the Holstee Manifesto went viral around the world–between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the blogosphere we estimate that it has been shared over 15 million times. This made the Manifesto Poster our best selling item, and we had an extremely successful summer. One day in August we had as many sales as we had in the whole month of January, when we started working with inSITE.

As a healthy and strongly growing company we decided to pick up the fundraising project again a couple of weeks ago and were able to gain the support of some incredible individuals. Expect some great news near the end of this month on that front!

We recently launched a project we had been working on to bring the Holstee Manifesto to life: the LifeCycle Film. Again, we are amazed at how rapidly it has gone viral–amassing over 70,000 views only a week after we launched the film. It has been so amazing to us to see how many people have been inspired through the words of the Manifesto, and the response to the film has been a true testimony to how deeply the values of Holstee resonate with our fantastic community.

We are so glad to report that we are growing! There are many new products in the works that are set to launch this winter, including a limited edition color of our minimalist Upcycled Wallet that will go live in the next few weeks. We are honored to be connected to the inSITE community and thrilled to see where the adventure will take us next!

(Here is the link for the film: 🙂

This post was written by Mary Shouvlin (@maryshouvlin), Holstee’s Community Engagement Officer.

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