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InSITE Alumni Spotlight: Robert Reynolds

InSITE Alumni Spotlight: Robert Reynolds

Entertainment/IP Lawyer at Reynolds & Associates and Manager of The Killers


Earlier this year, we caught up with Robert Reynolds (InSITE ’01) to get his thoughts from his time in InSITE and hear about what he’s been up to since.

What do you remember about your time as an InSITE Fellow? 
InSITE was an amazing opportunity. I remember reviewing the pitches and accompanying material for many interesting companies. While I was frequently troubled by the concept that “eyeballs equals money” and the dot com valuations being floated around, I was very impressed with the innovative ideas and people behind them. The mentors and other members of InSITE were also such interesting, experienced and smart people that just spending time discussing anything with them — let alone new business ideas — was an important part of my education.

Where did your career take you after law school and InSITE?
After NYU Law I took a job at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in the Times Square office. For two years, I worked in the Intellectual Property group on music litigation cases like and Yahoo! Launchcast. I also did some work on a trademark dispute between the New York, New York Hotel and the New York Stock Exchange — the hotel, imitating all things New York, had a “NY Slot Exchange.” And I did some trademark work for the NBA and worked on some false advertising matters. I loved every bit of it. I loved the firm, loved my department, loved the work, and loved New York City. I miss it all.

How did you end up working with bands?
While I was at Skadden, I ended up getting a record deal for a bluegrass artist based out of Utah. A friend of mine from Vegas heard about it and asked that I consider representing a new band he was joining. They were The Killers. I got a 5 song demo that included Mr. Brightside, and I was hooked. I flew to Vegas immediately, met the band, and asked if I could be their lawyer. Although they had no real following or good recordings, they agreed. I then quit Skadden and moved to Las Vegas, starting an entertainment law practice that made 1/4 what I was paid in New York. Halfway through the first album, I also became their manager. Like my time at Skadden, I love the job. I love the mix of law and business, left brain/right brain, creative aspects and strategic planning.

What have you been up to since?
Since then, I’ve also grown a small entertainment law practice, representing people ranging from other bands signed to major labels, UFC fighters, nightclub operators, authors, actors, celebrity chefs, software companies/designers and others. I now work with my father and brother (who, incidentally, now manages Imagine Dragons). The lead singer in Imagine Dragons is also one of my younger brothers. I have a lot of family in Las Vegas (3 other brothers there are a plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and a dentist) and enjoy my time there but still miss New York City.

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