Oct 14

InSITE chooses 6 companies for its Fall 2012 Mentoring Program

Last week, InSITE kicked off our Fall 2012 Company Mentoring Program. We spent the summer scouring the city for interesting companies working on cool stuff. We then spent over a month looking through the applications from the founders of these awesome companies.

A lot of people don’t appreciate how hard selection processes can be. We left every conversation with entrepreneurs fired up about their businesses. Narrowing down that list was extremely difficult and painful. There are a number of really great people working on really great stuff right now. That’s exciting for the community. It’s a shame we can’t work with everyone.

However, we are proud to announce our Fall 2012 Pitch Company Selections:

  • Fitocracy (on-line fitness community)
  • HEVO (wireless vehicle charging)
  • ReadrBoard (new form of content interaction for on-line media)
  • Rosen Research (software and hardware to make reading on electronic devices faster and easier)
  • TeachBoost (professional development for teachers)
  • Uprise Art (art rental service and community)

We’re excited for our Fellows to get to work with and learn from a talented group of entrepreneurs. Each InSITE company has ambitious goals and we are excited to help them make progress towards achieving them.

If you and your company are interested in working with InSITE, we’ll be opening up applications for the Spring Semester in December. In the meantime, feel free to contact Brian Ballan (@bballan), VP of Company Sourcing, by email at with any questions

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