Oct 31

InSITE Connections, Jennifer Gootman at Global Good Partners

NYU alum Jennifer Gootman was the project lead for InSITE team Catchafire, which matches skills-based volunteers with nonprofits that need their services, and is now continuing to collaborate with the company. In her new role as Director of Product and Business Development with Global Goods Partners (, an online retailer for handmade bags, jewelry, and accessories produced by women across the globe, Jennifer authored two new project templates for Catchafire and is piloting one of them with a Catchafire volunteer:  a market analysis for nonprofits with a stream of earned income.

Global Goods Partners is a nonprofit that provides market access, technical and product development support, and grants to community-based organization in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Its mission is to strengthen women-led producer groups as a means of alleviating poverty and providing sustainable livelihoods in some of the poorest communities. Watch Jennifer speak about the project on Catchafire’s vimeo or learn more at

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