Nov 30

InSITE Leadership Series, David Pashman

David Pashman recently joined us for our Leadership Breakfast Series. David is the current legal team leader at, the “world’s largest network of local groups.” He has enjoyed a successful career moving from the world of large corporate law firms to in-house counsel in the technology space with time spent in consulting and business management in between. David has been a long time supporter of InSITE.

During the breakfast David shared his love of his current position and the ups and downs of his unconventional career path. He was grateful for the professional experience and lessons he learned working for Skadden and Brobeck, but stressed that that lifestyle isn’t for everyone. The people that were passionate about their work excelled, while smart capable people, such as David, were itching to move on. Working in-house has afforded him the opportunity to interact with all aspects of the business at Meetup, providing a platform for his entrepreneurial talents and mentality. David is involved the business in a substantial and creative way that allows for exciting and meaningful work on a day-to-day basis. Plus he gets to wear jeans to work.

David’s passion about his work was clear. He spoke highly of his daily interactions entrepreneurs in the New York startup community, highlighting the importance and benefits of building a strong network and the current energy among local entrepreneurs.

Thank you to David for sharing his insight and experience with us.

~Owen Kirshner, Current Fellow, NYU Law 2013

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