Feb 03

InSITE Selects 5 Companies for Spring 2010 Startup Advising

From a group of 40 applicants, InSITE’s Fellows have selected the following companies to work with during our Spring 2010 Semester:

  • Bandvest is an online music marketplace where artists raise money to record a professional EP by pre-selling their EP to fans at a discounted price and giving them meaningful incentives including equity in the EP in the form of ‘Bandvest Bucks.’
  • EcoSystems offers hardware systems that allow users to easily create or customize furniture under comprehensive, environmentally-friendly frameworks.
  • Klickable is an easy-to-use online video platform that allows users to create interactive Klickable videos.
  • ProtEquity offers a Home Equity Protection (HEP) product for homeowners that allows them to protect the value of their home against regional housing market declines.
  • Active Locations develops location-aware mobile applications that allow organizers and owners of events and venues to place branded information and content at their visitors’ fingertips.

Teams of Fellows have been paired with each company; they will work to improve their pitches over the next two months in preparation for InSITE’s Spring 2010 Final Pitch Event on Friday, April 9th.

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