Feb 19

InSITE Spring 2013 Company Announcement

Tonight, InSITE Fellows will kick off their projects with six amazing startups from NYC. As we do every semester, we spoke with a ton of really awesome companies and had the difficult task of narrowing that list down to just a few that we have capacity to work with pro bono this semester.

Our extensive research into the NY tech scene has left us excited about the future of our home turf. We wish that we had more time and resources to provide to our companies and entrepreneurs.

Thank you to every company that applied. We enjoyed reading your applications, speaking with you, and testing out your demos.

Here are the six that are working with our NY Fellows in Spring 2013:

Applique – a platform for building beautiful mobile apps
Bitponics – your personal gardening assistant
Perch Interactive – interactive technology for retail
Shop the Set – real people, real spaces and real design made shoppable
Suneris – life sciences focused-startup producing new solutions for trauma care
WeeSpring – find essential baby products and advice from your friends

We’re excited for our Fellows to get to work with and learn from a talented group of entrepreneurs. Each InSITE company has ambitious goals and we are excited to help them make progress towards achieving them.

If you and your company are interested in working with InSITE, we’ll be opening up applications for the Spring Semester in December. In the meantime, feel free to contact Brian Ballan (@bballan), VP of Company Sourcing, by email at with any questions. Special thanks to Sam Slover, Sanjay Amin & Sikandar Atiq for the integral role they played in sourcing these companies.

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